The learning centres are a one-stop service centre for learners and provide the following services for learners:

  • Pre and post enrolment guidance and counselling
  • Enrolment
  • Materials distribution
  • induction and or refreshers
  • Marking of assignments and feedback
  • face-to-face tutorial support
  • Record keeping
  • Providing information about the learning centre to the regional office
  • Examination advice & related information dissemination
  • Administering face-to-face tutorial service
  • Providing information about the College to the community
  • liaising with regional centre and host institution
  • Examination Coaching
  • Vacation / weekend courses
  • Mock examinations


The support services are facilitated through a network of adequately resourced learning centres, that is, places of study based in educational facilities that are within the communities.  

There are three levels of these places of study influenced by available resources such as:

  • Number of learners
  • Teaching staff
  • Study space etc.
  • The levels are:
  1. Community Study Centres (CSCs)
    These centres are found where there are adequate resources in the vicinity, i.e. adequate number of learners to start the center (50 and above), enough tutors to appoint as center supervisor, tutors for various courses (22 currently-JC & BGCSE), a secondary school to tap these tutors from as well as to be used to host the learning center. There are three levels of study Centres: Level 1 a centre with a minimum of 50 learners up to 150. Level 2 has 150-300learners while Level 3 has 301+ learners
  2. Satellite Learning Centres
    The service operates from a primary school in a remote location where the primary school may be the highest level of education provision in the area.  A satellite learning centre is formed by less than Fifty (50) learners. There are no weekly tutorials but weekend courses at selected times of the year.
  3. Study Groups
    These are formed by smaller numbers of learners i.e. less than Ten (10) in a local area to assist each other with their studies and have the potential to grow into a learning satellite or CSC during next enrolment. Learners join the satellite centres for tutorials during the weekend course.

Contact any of the BOU Regional Offices to find out more about the Community Study Centers and  Satellite Learning Centers in your area:

Gaborone Regional Office
Private Bag BO349 Gaborone
Tel: (267) 3646100
Fax: (267) 3930018

Kang Regional Office
Private Bag 006
Tel; +267 6517248
Fax: +267 6517396

Francistown Regional Office
Private Bag F32
Tel: +267 2418383
Fax: +267 2414586

Palapye Regional Office:
Private Bag 5
Tel: +267 4924024
Fax: +267 4900343

Maun Regional Office:
Private Bag 0394
Tel: +267 6865621
Fax: +267 6800581

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