Online Student Applications and Registrations – Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I process my application and registration from any BOU Regional Office?


2. Can I have a pin created from any BOU Regional office?


3. Can I have my registration admission done at any BOU Regional office?


4. What do I do if I have forgotten my pin?

Call the nearest Regional office to have a pin reset for you.

5. What do I need to do before I process my application and registration?

Before you start processing your application and registration you need to read the Application and Registration Guidelines

6. If I already have a student number, do I need to create a new one?

No, just log on under “Registered User”, enter your old student number and ask for the PIN from the nearest Region.

7. What happens if my previous school does not appear on the list of values?

Call the Regional Office so that the school name can be added to the list of values.

8. Can I update my personal information

NO, it can only be done in the back office by the Regional staff.

9. What if I do not have any disability, do I write OTHER?

No, just leave it blank.
10. Where do I attach the documents? Under step number 4 “Enter School Leaving Subjects” at the bottom of the table, on the left side. Click on “Upload/View documents” written in blue and attach accordingly.

11. Once I have attached the documents do I need to submit the hard copies as well?

Yes, submit or send them to the nearest Regional office.

12. How do I confirm that I have successfully submitted my application?

Click on step number 8, “View Completed Applications” Check under the Completed column. All must be “Y” except for disability if you do not have any.

13. Where do I confirm my addresses, admissions, payments etc?

Go to “Student Enquiry” and check accordingly
14. How do I pay online? Use ANY Master or Visa cards. By default, the system is set on Master card. If you are using Visa, then change it accordingly, complete ALL fields, ignore “Budget Period” and then click on PAY NOW. If the payment is successful it will indicate ACCEPTED while unsuccessful payment will show DECLINED.

15. Can I use someone’s credit or debit card if I don’t have one?

Yes, with the owner’s authority you can use someone’s credit or debit card

16. How do I register for my courses online?

Go to Academic Registration, click on individual subjects to be registered, save them and print proof of registration.

17. Do I register my retakes (repeating) courses online?

NO, after paying for them online, you complete the manual registration form and submit it to the Regional staff for capturing in the back office.

18. What will I produce as evidence for successful registration?

Proof of registration, printed under Academic Registration.
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