1. Check your results closely; X - denotes that a piece of assessment was not recorded and therefore the assessment is NOT COMPLETE, SP denotes that a request for Special Examinations has been granted. A timetable has been included with these results for 22- 26 January, 2018
  2. Any queries must be addressed through the Regional Coordinators as usual.
  3. A query form must be completed for any corrections to be effected. Appeals for remarking must be accompanied with proof of payment
  4. Appeals period ends on January 31st, 2018.
  5. All students who are to sit the Special Examinations must liaise with the regional centre to make arrangements for venue, etc

BBA Semester I Results - November 2017Px

BBALCM Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

BBE Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

BBENTR Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

BCOMHR Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

BCOMME Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

BEDIEC Semester 1 Results - November 2017Px

BEDPRI Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

BEDSIE Semester 1 Results - November 2017Px

CDEP Semester I Results - November 2017Px

CDM Semester I Results - November 2017Px

CEMBA-MPA Semester I Results - November 2017Px

DBM-DHRM Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

DIECD Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

DIECDM Score-Sheet - November 2017Px

MEDEL Semester I Results - November 2017Px

PGCQAE Semester I Results - November 2017Px

BOU Special Examinations Timetable - FINAL VERSION 22-28 January 2018

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