The Centre for Prior Learning Assessment (CPLA) recently conducted the external moderation on the RPL Assessments done for the period 2018/19 academic year. Dr Maria Snyman, an RPL specialist from the University of South Africa (UNISA) was invited to carry out this moderation. The Director, Academic Registry, Mr Victor Maika and the Manager, CPLA, Ms Katametso Mathibidi also made presentations throughout the three day sessions. Dr Snyman's deliberations showed the importance of having RPL at Botswana Open University and how it can contribute to making the institution the centre of excellence in this field. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) means the deliberate, structured process of personal growth in which people are guided to recognise and present their current competence (knowledge, skill or capability) regardless of the sources of that competence, so that the competence is made available for assessment, social recognition and official accreditation (BQARPL policy 2016).


Benefits of RPL

Gaining recognition for one’s skills will enable the candidate to:

• Eliminate or reduce the need to retrain in knowledge and skills already possessed.

• Know what skills they have developed through life and work experience

• Know what skills they need to achieve the qualification

peopleMr Rapinyana and Ms Bahuma ladyDr Maria Snyman making a presentation

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