E-Learning refers to education provided via the Internet or CD Rom. E-Learning formats vary widely with text only formats being the most basic. Combinations of graphics, quizzes, audio, and video components are common additions. E-Learning can be done anywhere a learner has a Computer or any communication enabled electronic device, an Internet connection (physical or wireless) and can address needs that occur anytime. E-Learning is advantageous because it provides "just-in-time learning" and is efficient, effective, and inexpensive.

The E-Learning initiative allows for the strategic national development of human capital through increased access to training opportunities. However it is also worth appreciating that technology-based training is not in any way intended to eliminate the need for tutor-led training, but it does provide learners access to training when and where they choose.

Why E-Learning

It is our goal at the Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOU) to train and develop our nation and to support our learners through continuous learning.

E-learning at BOU is about ensuring that the institution continues to provide training and information to its learners anytime, any place, at any pace through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems. The Multimedia and Production department is currently working with the School of Business Management to convert some courses to e-learning mode. The college has decided to use an Open Source software called Moodle as its content management system. The availability of this form of continuous learning will provide a means for all BOU learners to keep up with changes in technology, and content delivery methods, and serve to encourage individuals for whom self-development is a priority.

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