Centre for Instructional Technology

Mr. Gabathuse B. Molelu
Mr. Gabathuse B. MoleluDirector - Centre for Instructional Technology

Welcome to Centre for Instructional Technology

The Centre for Instructional Technology [CIT] provides leadership and expertise to all section of Botswana Open University in the use of innovative instructional technologies in order to enhance the development of learning and teaching and other general use of technology in keeping with the University’s strategic direction of leveraging technology to achieve academic excellence.

The Centre aims to be at the forefront of innovative quality online/blended learning, delivering programmes in a blended mode using flexible technology supporting teaching and learning through an Open Distance mode. We aim to offer students accessible and flexible learning experience through the use of cutting edge instructional technologies.

The CIT is organised in two sections for operational purposes. These are:

1. eLearning Support
2. Multimedia Support


      • Provide training, support to teaching and support staff through professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, seminars, and short courses.
      • Conduct departmental and individual consultations for integrating innovative digital technologies into the design and development of programmes and courses. 
      • Provide support in the general use of technologies for other activities such as virtual teaching, meetings etc.
      • To research, develop, test and evaluate instructional technology applications and frameworks appropriate for the open and distance learning environment
      • To develop appropriate procedures, policies and support structures for instructional technology including equipment acquisition, maintenance, integration and usage
      • To create a learning community of competent and confident users of instructional technologies and other technologies
      • To produce educational and instructional technology media
Staff members and their contact details

CIT Director
Tel: +267 364 6028
Email: director-cit@staff.bou.ac.bw

eLearning Support
Tel: +267 364 -6058
+267 364 -6141
email: elearningsupport@staff.bou.ac.bw

Multimedia Support
Tel: +267 364 6090
+267 364 6118
email: mediaproduction@staff.bou.ac.bw

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