Ms. L. Masupe
Ms. L. MasupeDirector - Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services (FS) supports the mandate of BOU by providing shrewd financial services and guidance, promoting financial well-being, risk mitigation and management, and ensuring compliance with University as well as with International guidelines and standards.

The mandate of FS is covered by the BOU ACT, No 13 of 2017(Sec. 28, 29, 30 & 31). The key responsibility of FS is oversight of University’s finances, this includes revenue collection (from student fees, other sources and Government Grant), financial reporting, budgeting and financial planning and monitoring, financial accounting, efficient and accurate transaction processing, cash and debt management and establishment of effective and efficient internal control systems.

The department has four (4) functional sections:

        • Revenue
        • Expenditure
        • Payroll
        • Cash


FS is led by Director Financial Services under the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Corporate Services, and has five (5) reporting units at Regional Campuses.


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