School of Business & Management Studies

Rationale for the Programme

The programme was designed for the development of skills in research and evaluation skills for open and distance learning practitioners. Graduates will be equipped to manage specific DE projects in their area of operation and to develop a comprehensive perception of the link between ODL practices and national areas of interest such as alleviation of poverty, increasing access to  vocational training, and enhancing opportunities of employment.

Programme Structure

The curriculum is arranged into two parts as follows:

Part1: Fundamentals of Open and Distance Learning.

Part 2: Research in Open and Distance Learning.

Each Part is to be completed in one semester

The programme carries 120 credits


PREST - Curriculum Structure

Semester 1


Cluster 1:


Defining distance learning


Open and distance learning in new environments


Managing the distance education system


Cluster 2:


Open and distance learning study materials


Supporting the distance education learner


Communication in distance education


Cluster 3:


Distance education systems in Southern Africa


Challenges and the future of distance education


Facing the challenges, the Malawi experience


Semester 2


Cluster 4:


The distance education practitioner


What is research?


Why do research?


Cluster 5:


Research or evaluation?


Different methodological stances


The range of research areas and topics


Cluster 6:


External forces that shape the evaluation agenda


Starting to map out your own research project


Research paper or article


Total Credits


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