School of Business & Management Studies

Programme Structure

The course comprises ten modules, which are the result of research into the needs of entrepreneurs in Botswana. Each module is a stand-alone unit made up of two topics both with a practical bias. Each module stands independently so as to allow business persons who wish to take a specific one to do so, leading to the attainment of an attendance certificate. On the other hand, those learners who intend to complete the ten modules will be taken through the programme of study leading to the award of a nationally accredited intermediate certificate. 

SSBM- Curriculum Structure

Module Title

Credit Points


Module 1:Starting and keeping the business going

Topic 1: What does it mean to be a business man or woman?

Topic 2: How feasible is your business idea?


Module 2: Making the business idea real

Topic 1:Developing the business idea

Topic 2: How feasible is your business idea? 


Module 3: Financing your business

Topic 1:How much money do I need to start the business?

Topic 2: What types of finance are available?


Module 4: Marketing the small business

Topic 1: The marketing plan

Topic 2: Market research


Module 5: Pricing the product / service

Topic 1: Product planning

Topic 2: Pricing policy


Module 6: Keeping business records

Topic 1: Basic financial records

Topic 2: Stock control


Module 7: Selling and the customer

Topic 1: Different types of customer

Topic 2: Persuading the customer


Module 8: Finding and motivating staff

Topic 1: Planning Staff Requirements

Topic 2: Caring for your staff


Module 9: Business communication

Topic 1: The nature of communication

Topic 2: The means of communication in business


Module 10: Business and the Law

Topic 1: The law of employment

Topic 2: Marketing and the law


Total Credits


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